Citibank Credit Card Data Hacked

Yet another hacking incident in the row, this time it’s Citibank credit card accounts. Citibank reported that 1 percent of their credit card accounts have been hacked by hackers. Roughly around 210,000 accounts had been hacked and according NPR news customer’s name, account number, email id are the information stolen by hackers but social security numbers, birth dates, security codes are not viewed by hackers.

Even though the identity related data has not been breached in this case, this is a serious security hole in the Citi Group’s side. None of the hacker group has claimed for the responsibility yet. In a statement released by Citi Bank says that they are contacting affected customers to enrich the procedures to prevent from such incidents.

Be sure to check your Citi Bank credit card account to see if there are any transaction that you don’t recognize and make sure you change your online account password. That’s the only thing we can do in these cases, it’s the Citi’s account database that has been hacked which cannot be prevented from customer’s side, i think.