Did Google Ripped Off Kenyan Start-up Company Database?

It is not a new news for Google to screw up sometimes and it had happened time to time. Yet another screw up has been came into light this time from Kenya. A Kenyan start-up “Mocality”, a local business directory which collects data from crowd sourcing.



Then all of sudden businesses in Mocality database started getting calls from Google asking them if they wanted premium service from Google-Mocality partnership for some fee. Now that was a puzzle for Mocality, they never had joint venture with Google and their service was free of charge. To investigate this matter, Mocality created a trap by sending fake data when an IP address from Google shows up grabbing data from their database and feeding them with phone number that belongs to Mocality. This is how they got details of the “scam”, they talked with the agent who called Mocality’s phone number thinking that it’s a business number. The IP addresses which belongs to Google were coming from US and India.

This may be some kind of operation run by Google’s division in India or could be a scam run from India by spoofing the IP address which made it seems like coming from Google. Google is looking into the matter according to Nelson Mattos, Google’s Vice-President for Product and Engineering.

Original post by Mocality CEO Stef Magdalinski can be read here.

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