Five Million Android Phones Possibly Infected With Malware

Symantec, an anti virus company has released their report saying that about 5 million Android phones might have been affected with the new malware through the Apps from Android Marketplace. They have identified 13 apps from 3 developers in Android Marketplace which has been associated with the malware called Android.Counterclank.

Android Malware

Android Malware

Some of the 13 apps that Symantec identified as infected have been on the Android Market for at least a month, according to the revision dates posted on the e-store. Symantec, however, discovered them only yesterday.

Here is the list of Apps distributed by 3 developers iApps7, Ogre Games and redmicappsĀ that has been affected, make sure you don’t have these apps on your Android Phone:

Counter Elite Force
Counter Strike Ground Force
CounterStrike Hit Enemy
Heart Live Wallpaper
Hit Counter Terrorist
Stripper Touch girl
Balloon Game
Deal & Be Millionaire
Wild Man
Pretty women lingerie puzzle
Sexy Girls Photo Game
Sexy Girls Puzzle
Sexy Women Puzzle

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