Single Wheeled Bike Better Than Segway

Ryno Bike

Well this is uni-motor cycle designed and produced by RYNO Motors. A single wheel motor bike that you can ride.

How To Create Your Own Home Media Server?

LittleBits An Innovative Fun Way To Teach Electronics

Ayah Bdeir

LittleBits is the package of little magnetic electronic components that can be used to create simple things like light switch, vibrating switch, push button etc.

Five Million Android Phones Possibly Infected With Malware

Android Malware

Symantec, an anti virus company has released their report saying that about 5 million Android phones might have been affected with the new malware through the Apps from Android Marketplace.

Video Of Megaupload Founder Kim Dotcom Appearing In Court

Kim Dotcom

Here is the first video of Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom appearing in the court in Auckland, New Zealand. He was charged with internet piracy and money laundering.

Amazing HD Video Taken Using 3 Axis Drone

3 Axis Drone

Drones are not only for hitting the targets in war. Here a drone is used for taking a beautiful video of snow covered winter with Sony FS100 camera attached to it.

A 3D Printer That Works With Food Items?

3D Printer

Now this sounds interestingly delicious, a 3D printer which can print with food items like chocolate, cheese etc. is coming soon. Does that means there won’t be a bakery anymore?

Sign Into Your Google Account on Public Computers Using Cellphone


Google came up with solution for this problem which allows you to sign into your Google account with out having you to type in your email id or password. The catch is you need to have cellphone with QR code scanner (like Google Goggles) installed on it.

Soon You Will Be Able To Play Your World With Google Maps

Google Maps Game

Social gaming has become a big deal now days, just look at how many games there are in Facebook. Google is also getting into the social gaming now to promote their Google+ product.

Beware Of Facebook Chat Phishing Attack

Facebook Phishing

Here is a new phishing attack you need to be aware of if you are a Facebook user. The attack is spreading through out Facebook through Facebook Chat and attackers modifies hijacked FB account to impersonate Facebook Security Team.

Samsung Transparent Touchscreen Window Technology

Samsung Smart Window

Minority Report the movie that changed the way how future screen display should look like and frankly we are almost there to be able to use transparent touch screen. Here is one from Samsung and this is called “Smart Window” technology displayed at CES 2012 Las Vegas.

Did Google Ripped Off Kenyan Start-up Company Database?


It is not a new news for Google to screw up sometimes and it had happened time to time. Yet another screw up has been came into light this time from Kenya. A Kenyan start-up “Mocality”, a local business directory which collects data from crowd sourcing.

Reddit Is Blacking Out On Jan 18 To Protest Against SOPA

Reddit BlackOut

There has been a long running protest against the internet killing SOPA legislation from different blogs and websites. And Reddit the most prominent user generated content website has decided to black out their website on Jan 18, 2012.

Why Do We Need This Cool Transparent TV?

Transparent TV

Ok now a transparent TV after all those HDTV, LCD TV, OLED TV etc. Haier Designer Transparent TV is a new thing in town and it surely looks cool. But what is the purpose of a transparent TV? Is it just a proof of the technology or Haier is going somewhere with this technology?

World’s Thinnest Tablet From Toshiba

Toshiba Excite

A brand new super thin and sexy tablet has been unveiled in CES 2012 at Las Vegas not by Apple but this time it’s Toshiba. This one is .3-inch-thick, 1.2 lb “Toshiba Excite” 10-inch Android based tablet and it has micro-SD, Micro USB, Micro HDMI and, an audio jack assembled into the thin structure.