Follow Up: What Happened On Post Rapture Day

No Rapture

Now that the rapture didn’t happened yesterday, people who donated for that cause are mad, way too mad about he hoax that has been spread all across the globe.

First Pictures Of Fukushima Plant Hit By Tsunami

Exclusive: Facebook To Buy Skype

Facebook Skype

According to the sources, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is in internal discussion with Skype either to buy Skype or at least form a joint venture. The news was first published by Reuters.

Updates: After Bin Laden's Death

Bin Laden Is Dead!

Surreal Video Of Today's Alabama Tornado

Alabama Tornado

This amazing video footage of a mile wide tornado was shot from the University of Alabama today. The tornado was moving towards downtown Tuscaloosa.

iPhone Is Secretly Tracking You Everywhere!

iPhone security

Security researchers Alasdair Allan and Pete Warden found out that iPhone with iOS4 is tracking every where you go, in fact it keeps a file with all the location data of the places you have been.

News: Deadly Sandstorm Hits Northern Germany

German Sandstorm

Northern Germany was hit by a deadly sandstorm this Friday which killed 8 people due to the deadly highway accident. Highway traffic was badly affected by the sandstorm with huge highway car pile up. The police spokesman says rescue operations were still under way and death toll may rise. Among the 41 injured people, most of them are believed to be in serious condition.

7.4 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Japan Again

Japan Earthquake

This is second largest earthquake to hit Japan after last month’s largest one. Japan has issues tsunami warnings in the coastal areas of Miyagi prefecture, northeastern Japan. The epicenter was about 60 miles (96km) from Sendai, Japan, and about 25 miles (40km) below the sea-bed.

6.8 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Myanmar-Thailand

Myanmar earthquake

A 6.8 magnitude strong earthquake hits the northeastern Myanmar (formerly Burma) today. The epicenter was around the Myanmar-Thailand-Laos border shaking buildings as far as in Bangkok which is 480 miles away from the epicenter.