A 3D Printer That Works With Food Items?

3D Printer

Now this sounds interestingly delicious, a 3D printer which can print with food items like chocolate, cheese etc. is coming soon. Does that means there won’t be a bakery anymore?

Future Of Meat: Edible Bugs As Low Cost Homegrown Protein Source

Edible bugs

Ever wonder if you could eat bugs as a source of protein? There are some cultures in the various parts of the world where eating bugs are normal but it is coming to US too.

Now There's A Cookie Baking Robot

Bake Bot

MIT students are able to program a robot to instruct it to bake a cookie right from the mixing to baking.

Bizarre Food – Dancing Squid Bowl Dish From Japan

Dancing Squid

The squid seems pretty much alive although it’s dead, but how does this works?

How Diet Soda Causes Weight Gain

Healthy Diet

Yes diet soda, meaning diet coke, diet pepsi or what ever diet soda available in the grocery store is as bad as a normal non-diet soda.

What's With These YouTube Video Of Tiny Plastic Food Cooking?

Tiny Kitchen

Have you noticed lately this whole group of Japanese videos on youtube where you see some tiny kitchen setup with all those tiny miniature kitchen appliances?

Frozen Coke Only In HongKong

Frozen Coke

Ok this is something new, a frozen coke well that can be done anywhere but the trick here is when you get the coke out of vending machine it is in liquid form as usual but after you open it and take a sip and close the cap again, the coke gets frozen, pretty cool.