The Missing GamePad For Your iPad

GamerPad for iPad

The company 60Beats came up with idea of making a missing part for iPad, the GamePad which has an XBox like game controller packed with joy stick, arrow keys etc.

Who Wants To Play This Giant Pinball?


May be the most popular arcade games of all time, pinball is played on the huge building using the projector. This happened on the wall of Célestins theater in Lyon during the Festival of Lights 2011.

5 Screen Car Racing Simulator With iPhone

Racing Car Game

5 LCD monitors and 1 iPhone for racing car game is awesome, it looks like the guy is actually driving on the track for real.

Dog Plays Better Volleyball Than You

Dog Volleyball

Petey is a dog but plays a good volleyball much better than humans i guess.

Best Prayer Ever!

Best prayer EVER

This is one interesting Pastor saying pre-race prayer at the Nascar Nationwide series race in Nashville TN on July 23, 2011.

Kids Dancing With Wii On Song Hey Ya!

Dancing Twins

Twin brothers Jeremy and Justin enjoying their Just Dance 2 thing on Wii to OutKast’s song “Hey Ya!”.

Probably World's Fastest Tetris Player

Tetris Player

This guy is amazingly fast in Tesris game, now who ever thinks they are good at tetris should watch this video and get amazed.

Nintendo's Latest Wii-U A Demonstration Video

Wii U

Nintendo Wii has been a great success in gaming industry but with the new technology development in gaming industry Nintendo also had to come up with something new for their Wii gaming system.

Real Life Angry Bird Game Seems Cool

Real Life Angry Birds

Now this is the real game, Angry Birds has become a well known game for all even though all you do with this game is to destroy every thing with some birds who were angry for some reason that’s unknown.

Insanely Crazy Japanese Game

Crazy Japanese Game

This is some kind of game in Japan which is something similar to Capture the Flag game but seems violent judging by the way guys trying to hang on to the top of the pole by running over the other contestant’s back.

Play Angry Bird On Chrome Browser For Free

Angry Birds

oogle has launched the popular game Angry Bird on its Chrome browser yesterday. This is one way to prove how fast Chrome browser is in terms of graphic rendering. The game release was announced in Google I/O Conference in San Francisco.

Amazing Ping Pong Trick Shot

Table Tennis

Damn this is so amazing, though it might just be a lucky strike or may be he is really good at table tennis (ping pong). Not sure who the players are but the over the shoulder return was something amazing to watch.

Amazing Bar Tricks Performed By Bartenders

Bar Tricks

Bar is the place where everyone wants to get drunk but these bartenders got something amazing going on, oh yes they are chopping, flaring, back-bending, fire breathing cocktail flinging legends.

Social Psychology Prank With Group Of 100 Japanese People

Social Prank

This is a Japanese TV prank with group of 100 people trying to mimic a mob like environment. It is not only prank but also shows how people react in crowd, it’s a kind of social psychology experiment.

The Twins Skating Video

Skate twins

This is the video of two12-year-old twins Pierce and Chris Brunner showing their skating skills to the tune of “Walking On A Dream” by Empire Of The Sun.