Geeky Christmas Carol Sung By Scanner And Drumbot

Geeky Christmas

Last thing you would want to hear during Christmas would be this Christmas Carol Sung by a HP Scanner with drum beats by a drumbot controlled by some sort of software.

A Dubstep Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights

To jazz up the Christmas season, here is an amazing light snow put together along with some cool dubstep music.

Police Academy's Michael Winslow Performs Led Zeppelin Cover

Micheal Winslow

If you have watched those funny Police Academy movie series than you must have remembered that skinny police guy who makes noises of different things with his voice.

A Duet With iPhone 4s Siri


This guy put new voice feature of iPhone 4s into a good test by singing duet with it.

Father And Daughter Sing 'Rolling in the Deep'

Rolling in the deep

Father and daughter Jorge and Alexa Narvaez, team of musicians did it again with one of the song which is hard to sing.

7 Year Old Guitarist Plays Sweet Child O Mine


Zoe, a seven years old girl plays Guns ‘N Roses Sweet child O Mine on electric guitar, and she is amazing.

Elderly Couple Plays Piano At Clinic

Piano Players

Here is an elderly couple who went for checkup at Mayo Clinic spotted a piano and started the performance for the clinic visitors.

Meanwhile In Russia…This Happened

Biker Band

Seems like they are so into the rock music that they didn’t even wanted to stay away from it even when they are middle of the street riding on a bike.

This Italian Kid Loves Led Zeppelin

Cool Kid

This kid is gonna grow up as a rock star for sure, he loves Led Zeppelin.

Probably The Best Lip Sync Video Of 2011

Filipino Lipsync

Here is one created for Nicky Minaj’s song Super Bass and these guys looks funny.

Awesome Robo Dancer Doing Dubstep

Amazing Dancer

This guys is amazing dancer doing some awesome moves on the song Foster The´╗┐ People by Pumped Up Kicks.

This Is Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder Incarnate


Here is Javier Diaz performing at the singing talent show and he sings absolutely like Pearl Jam’s lead vocalist Eddie Vedder.

Obama's Elf – The Song

Obamas Elf

Here is something interesting about this song by Eric Carmens which was recorded way before Obama became President but it still relates some how.

Awesome Beat-boxing Flute Player Returns

Greg Pattillo

Here is the amazing flute player and master of beat boxing Greg Pattillo performing a new tune.

Local Vocal – 90's Dance Acapella Medley Mix

Local Vocal

Here is the Danish a-Capella vocal group playing 90′s dance hits with no instruments, just a Capella.