Riding Mountain Bikes In Suicidal Mode

Mountain Biking

And these mountain bikers are bad ass guys trying to have some bad ass fun by riding on the tiny trench along side the hill which by the way directly goes down to the river if they miss the way.

Conan O’Brian Screws Amazon Kindle Fire


Conan O’Brian and his Team Coco got some time to came up with their own fixes for the various problems on Kindle Fire and boy they nailed it!

How Battlestar Galactica Can Ruin Your Life

TV Shows

Some TV shows are so addictive and you can’t just leave it until you see the final episode. And if you are one of them, here is how not to ruin your life while watching any addictive TV shows.

Monkey Washing Dishes For Free!

Monkey Business

Monkey can do stuff for real even though they are trying to copy what humans do. Here is one doing the dishes, how that money learnt that cleaning skill?

Who Wants To Play This Giant Pinball?


May be the most popular arcade games of all time, pinball is played on the huge building using the projector. This happened on the wall of CĂ©lestins theater in Lyon during the Festival of Lights 2011.

A Dubstep Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights

To jazz up the Christmas season, here is an amazing light snow put together along with some cool dubstep music.

5 Screen Car Racing Simulator With iPhone

Racing Car Game

5 LCD monitors and 1 iPhone for racing car game is awesome, it looks like the guy is actually driving on the track for real.

Saddest Kitten Of All Time

Sad Kitten

Cute kitten seems sad! No idea why…

When Time Stood Still In Russia

Almost Accident

It’s luck, pure luck that the guy is still alive and lived to upload the video on youtube.

Hidden Water Pools For Your Home

Hidden Pool

How awesome is this? A hidden swimming pool, all you need to do is press a button and swimming pool is ready.

Confused Lizard Plays Game On Mobile

Lizard Plays Game

This little dragon lizard seems to be enjoying the game but on a second thought, she might have been frustrated with technology because she didn’t get to taste none of her kill.

How To Parallel Park A Car?

Parallel Parking

Parking in city area is now a challenge as well as an art.

Biggest Daytime Fireworks Show Ever

Daytime Fireworks

Here is a video of day time fireworks display at the Arab Museum of Modern Art in Doha, Qatar by Chinese artist Cai Guo-Qiang.

NAO Next Gen Robot Will Be Your Friend

Nao Robot

Aldebaran Robotics has released their latest version of humanoid robot Nao Next Gen which is fully programmable with WiFi capability, cameras for face detection, voice detection, and many other human like features.

Awesome Cube Gear

Cube Gear

Circular or spherical objects are not only the objects that can roll, here is a great gear made up of a cube.