Awesome Video From Upcoming Film – Timescapes


“This video was filmed and edited at 4K (4096×2304) resolution, four times greater than regular 1080p HD. Shot on Red Epic and Canon RAW still cameras.”

Stupid/Smart: A Key Duplicating Vending Machine

Minute Key

Convenience is mostly desired in every possible way in our society, there is no doubt about it. Automation is everywhere in this world, sometimes it’s good, some other times it’s not.

How To Lose $2400 In 24 Seconds

Cannon Beach

This is how you lose $2400 in just a matter of 24 seconds. This video was shot by Kurtis Hough at Cannon Beach, Oregon, USA with Canon 5D Mark II.

US Cellphone Carriers Spying On It's Customers?

Carrier IQ

Well it’s not a new news that cellphone companies in partnership with carrier companies, gathering data from customers. But the idea is how far they can go in collecting user data from the devices they sell.

Video Of Incredible Miniature Model In Germany

Miniature Model

Here is the official video from Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg, world’s largest miniature structures in the world which expands from railways, airports, cities, villages all the way from Europe to America.

New iPhone 4s Siri Hack Can Start Your Car!

Siri Hacked

Siri an artificial intelligent agent on iPhone 4S has been hacked and now it can start a car with Viper SmartStart enabled.

Can You Recognize Each One Of Them?

Nandos Ad

This is a brilliant piece of Ad made in South Africa for chicken fast food chain Nando’s.

Frozen Planet Amazing Under Sea Freezing

Frozen Planet

Here is a clip from BBC documentary Frozen Planet which explores the harsh environment of¬†icy Antarctica. This clip shows the frozen “Brinicle” and starfishes trying to save themselves from frozen ice at the bottom of the sea.

Balancing 3000+ Coins On A Dime

Coin Tower

And who’s got time to do this balancing act at home? Give it a try, just like this guy go managed to balance 3118 coins, all on top of a single dime.

Awesome BMW i3 And i8 Sustainable Futuristic Cars


BMW has came up with some awesome car models for 2013 which looked like from science fiction movies, like the one from TRON movie.

Funny Dog Oscar Deserves Oscar Indeed


I have never seen such an acrobatic dog before, this cute little dog has a funny way to pees sometimes.

Awesome 3D Effect Projected On A Building

LG 3D Projection

The event was LG Hyper Facade event in Berlin where LG managed to amaze all the spectators with a montage of 3D animation projected onto the building.

Life In A Day An Awesome Documentary

Life in a day

An awesome documentary created with video footage from around the world taken by different persons living in different parts of the world.

"Knock Knock" A Poem By Daniel Beaty

Daniel Poem

Here is an amazingly strong emotional poem about a boy and his father by Daniel Beaty.

7 Billion: How Did We Get So Big So Fast?

Earth Population

Few days ago out earth reached 7 billion population, and the question is how big this number is going to be in say next decade or century.