My Blackberry Is Not Working!

Blackberry not working

Currently Blackberry phone service is down from last 4 days and still it’s unknown when the service will resume.

Animated Short Movie – BOB


Here is a animated short movie that will make you laugh if you watch it until the end of the movie.

7 Year Old Guitarist Plays Sweet Child O Mine


Zoe, a seven years old girl plays Guns ‘N Roses Sweet child O Mine on electric guitar, and she is amazing.

Elderly Couple Plays Piano At Clinic

Piano Players

Here is an elderly couple who went for checkup at Mayo Clinic spotted a piano and started the performance for the clinic visitors.

Steve Jobs Thoughts On Life

Steve Jobs Interview

These are some of the footage of Steve Jobs’s interview done by Santa Clara Valley Historical Association when Steve was at NeXT computers in 1995.

Here's To The Crazy Ones – Tribute To Steve Jobs

Think Different

A tribute to Steve Jobs in his own words, “People who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the one who do.”

Lily's Disneyland Surprise!


Reaction of a little girl getting her early birthday surprise gift from her parents and she couldn’t handle her gift.

Meanwhile In Russia…This Happened

Biker Band

Seems like they are so into the rock music that they didn’t even wanted to stay away from it even when they are middle of the street riding on a bike.

This Italian Kid Loves Led Zeppelin

Cool Kid

This kid is gonna grow up as a rock star for sure, he loves Led Zeppelin.

Amazing Glowing Sea Waves And Surfing

Glowing Sea

This is the video of amazing natural effect on the beaches of Southern California, where a phytoplankton called Lingulodinium polyedrum is creating red tide.

New York Student Brings New Energy To Bicycle Design

Flywheel Bike

Maxwell von Stein a college graduate in New York has came up with an idea to utilize hybrid car technology to a bicycle.

Amazing Natural Light Show Northern Lights In Finland

Light Show Finland

Beautiful nature with it’s amazing light show, here is the video of beautiful Aurora Borealis shot in Finnish Lapland in the winter of 2011.

Missing Wheel? No Problem!

Missing Wheel

I have nothing to say about this video, missing front wheel in the bicycle, no problem, this guy can make use of it for commute.

How To Peel Garlic In Less Than 10 Seconds?

Garlic Peeling

SAVEUR magazine’s Executive Food Editor, Todd Coleman demonstrates his technique of peeling garlic.

Orca Imitating The Boat Engine Noise


Here is a boy Orca imitating the noise of boat engine motor trying to communicate with humans.